Focus on Vanessa Hollings Endoscopy Assistant Practitioner

Vanessa graduated in February 2019 and is the first Endoscopy Assistant Practitioner in the Alliance and UHL. Previously Vanessa was employed as a Health Care Assistant when she started in the NHS in 1996 at UHL. Vanessa took the Assistant Practitioner course whilst working full time in the Loughborough Endoscopy department. 

By completing the course she is now able to expand her role and can now work on admissions and recovery without supervision. Vanessa also continues all her previous duties working in decontamination, maintaining the scopes and assisting in the procedure room. She now also coordinates the unit with the support of her team to gain more experience and expand on her skills. 

Vanessa said: “I had been at UHL for about seven years and decided I needed a new challenge.  I live with my partner, two young daughters and their support and understanding during my training has been amazing and without that I would have found it very difficult. Don’t get me wrong, it came with struggles and sometimes it was quite overwhelming, but with support I completed it. 

“I am extremely proud of what I have achieved and to be the first Assistant Practitioner in Endoscopy in the Alliance and UHL is a huge accomplishment.”