We are a unique partnership with lots of exciting plans and our aim is to make the LLR Alliance a great place to work.

Our partnership comprises Leicester City Clinical Commissioning Group, East Leicestershire and Rutland CCG, West Leicestershire CCG, University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust, Leicestershire Partnership Trust and LLR Provider Company Limited. Together we are pioneering new ways of providing planned care services and we are responsible for the delivery of more than £20M of elective care in community hospitals across the county.

Our vision is to deliver “Caring at its best” for all the people who visit Leicester’s hospitals, either as patients, the public or as staff.

We expect our staff to behave in accordance with our which are:

The Alliance partners have committed to adopt a set of principles and values to achieve these aims and to work together on a ‘Best for Project’ basis in order to achieve the Alliance Objectives. Our key values, which underpin the way that the Partnership operates are:

·       Trust

·       Collaboration

·       Innovation

·       Mutual Support

·       Clinical participation in all we do

·       Transparency

·       Collective ownership of risk and reward