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Outpatient Pathway Re-design

Posted on July 11, 2019

A cataract pathway redesign event was held on 5th July in Loughborough. The workshop provided an opportunity to review the end to end process of the Cataract pathway in order to identify opportunities to streamline processes and improve patient experience.   

We know that many of our patients make two or more visits to clinic before they get their date for surgery, particularly if they are not pre-assessed or do not have their biometry on the day of clinic. This can’t be good for patients and also leads to a lot of work around for our clinicians, nurses and admin teams.  

The workshop focussed on reaching the desired outcome to provide a one stop cataract service for patients attending their first outpatient appointment. This will include having all the necessary tests, consultation, pre-assessment and leaving their appointment with a date for surgery.  A number or areas for improvements were identified and a project team, led by Sophy Chacko, has been tasked to work together and produce an action plan to take forward the recommendations which includes commencing with a pilot in Loughborough. This will be rolled out to Hinckley and Melton teams to progress a standardised approach to pathway redesign.

Sandy Jennings, said: “Having everyone involved and contributing by participating in the patient pathway enabled shared learning and a better understanding of the patient pathway and the impact that some of the processes have on our staff and our patients”

Thank you to everyone that took part in the event and to those that are working together to make this happen.  The actions and progress from the project team will be reported into the Alliance Transformation Working Group.  

There will be a further Ophthalmology redesign workshop to review the long term follow-up patients on 13th September 2019.