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Introducing Professor Azhar Farooqi:

Posted on October 01, 2019

I am Professor Azhar Farooqi, Chair of Leicester City Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) but since May 2019 I have also been Chair of the Alliance Leadership Board.  We are a group consisting of key stakeholders and lay members who oversee the work of the LLR Alliance at a strategic level.

The Alliance is a group of providers who deliver non-acute services such as outpatient clinics, and day case procedures in community settings e.g. in general practice and community hospitals etc. These are services which previously would have been delivered in large hospitals.

The aim is that as much care as possible is provided closer to patients, more quickly and with a high quality service.

The leadership board ensures the Alliance has a strategy to deliver its aims and objectives to ensure services are effective and high quality and meet the needs of patients.

We look at workforce and premises issues and oversee the provider organisations, (e.g. UHL and primary care) to ensure they deliver a great service.

My other roles in the NHS complement my role as Chair of the LLR Alliance Leadership Board e.g. my CCG chair role, my role as a practising GP and my role as a champion of research in the NHS.

“The Alliance is a great model of how providers and commissioners can work together to deliver great services for patients.  We have an opportunity to learn from this in how we develop services in the NHS as an 'integrated care system' -it can be done!”

Professor Azhar Farooqi, Chair of the Alliance Leadership Board