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Alliance Patient, Public and Partnership Group announces campaign success for local patients during Awareness Week

Posted on June 20, 2017

A local Patient, Public and Partnership Group (PPPG), a representative of the patient’s voice for the LLR Alliance, is celebrating its success in identifying the need for and introducing hearing loops and vending machines at various local community hospitals, thanks to local patient involvement. 

The success story coincides with Patient Participation Group Awareness Week, which runs from today, Monday 19th June to Saturday 24th June. PPG Awareness Week aims to promote the role and benefits of PPGs to patients, the public and health professionals, to create more understanding of the value of true patient participation.

The LLR Alliance is a unique partnership of health organisations in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland. If a patient has treatment in a community hospital as an outpatient or day-case, this will be arranged by the LLR Alliance. The Alliance is designed to offer patients more choice about when and where they receive day-case and outpatient treatment and is helping to drive forward local plans to deliver more care in the community, rather than in the large city hospital sites. The LLR Alliance is a partnership of East Leicestershire and Rutland Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), West Leicestershire CCG, Leicester City CCG, University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust, Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust and the LLR Provider Company Limited (a group of 90 Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland GP practices).

An internal patient lead review by the Alliance PPPG carried out in community hospitals within Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland in 2016, highlighted that hearing loops were not in place at several of the community hospitals. The survey also highlighted that there were no vending machines for patients, visitors and staff to buy refreshments at St Luke’s Hospital, Market Harborough and Melton Hospital.

The successful influence of the PPPG means that portable hearing loops for hard of hearing patients will be introduced into all Alliance community hospitals and departments. The loops are discreet and ensure that patients with hearing needs feel involved in their care and can hear clearly what is being said to them without having to rely on a chaperone, which would have been the case previously. Vending machines will be installed at St Luke’s, Market Harborough and Melton hospital by the end of June.

The LLR Alliance PPPG was established to drive change and improvement in services for patients by helping the LLR Alliance to understand what matters most to people, how they feel about their experiences as an LLR Alliance patient, and how they think things could be improved.
As part of their work, PPPG members review local health services against a number of measures to ensure that they meet the needs of the patients using them. These are called PLACE audits. They also work closely with GP patient representatives, staff and patients from the University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust, Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust and the three local CCGs to advise and contribute to proposed changes and improvements to local NHS services.

A further example of their work saw staff and patients at events in Hinckley, Loughborough, Melton and Market Harborough Hospital discuss the issue of dignity and what this meant to local patients and how it should be considered when planning local services for patients. 

The Alliance has recently reappointed their PPPG co-chairs for a new 12 month term. Both Eric Charlesworth and Christine Stanesby nominated themselves to retain their positions and were successful at being re-elected in a vote by members of the PPPG.

Eric Charlesworth, co-chair of the Alliance Patient, Public and Partnership Group, said: “These successes highlight the real differences we can make when we listen to the needs of patients and our staff. We are currently looking for more patients to become PPPG members and take on influencing roles which can shape and change services for the better.

“We are delighted that we have been so successful in providing local deaf patients with portable hearing loops. This means they don’t have to rely on a family member or carer to relay information and can feel fully involved in conversations and decisions about their care. By the end of June, vending facilities for refreshments will now also be available for patients, visitors and staff  at St Luke’s and Melton. These changes will also benefit other patients using these sites for non-Alliance services too. I would urge anyone who is interested in becoming part of our PPPG to get in touch and I would be delighted to provide more information.”

If you would like to become a PPPG member or have feedback on the LLR Alliance service you have used please contact the Alliance on 01509 564493 or send an email to kieley.bowers@lcrodds.nhs.uk.

If you are unsure which LLR Alliance service you have been treated by, visit the website at http://llralliance.nhs.uk/abou... or call 01509 564493.