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Podiatric surgery waiting lists to be reduced

Posted on October 31, 2016

Patients waiting for surgical corrections on their feet will benefit from reduced waiting lists following the introduction of a new post.

The LLR Alliance Podiatric Surgery Team, which operates out of Loughborough, Melton Mowbray and Hinckley hospitals, carried out a ‘Listening into Action’ event aimed at improving the service countywide.

The result of the event led to the creation of a new Health Care Assistant post, which will be responsible for postoperative wound management.

The new role will help reduce patient waiting lists by freeing up time for the specialist podiatrists to undertake new patient assessments.

Patients will now be able to have their wounds redressed at their local outpatient department.

The team, which is led by Consultant Podiatric Surgeon Mr Rajesh Jogia, carry out operations on patients experiencing problems with their feet, such as painful bunions that have not responded to changes in footwear.

Mr Jogia said: “We take great pride in our service. The very individual care that we provide and the attention we give post-operatively supports recovery and provides a good surgical outcome.

“We’re a small team, so we get to know our patients well over the course of their care.

“We believe that this personal touch with continuity and familiarity is the key to our very favourable outcomes and patient feedback.”