About Us

We are a ground breaking service designed to offer our patients more choice about day case and out patient treatment. Our aim is to offer you more options for where and when you can receive your diagnosis, your treatment and the after care that follows.

We launched our partnership in April 2014 and we believe that it is successful because it is based upon organisation working closely together in a way that hasn't been demonstrated before. The partnership is between the people who buy health and care services on your behalf, the organisations who deliver them, a large group of local GPs and our patient representatives to make sure that the service is truly led by patients.

The names of the organisations who form our partnership are Leicester City Clinical Commissioning Group, East Leicestershire and Rutland Clinical Commissioning Group, West Leicestershire Clinical Commissioning Group, University Hospitals Of Leicester NHS Trust, Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust, the LLR provider company of GPs and most importantly our Patient and Public Partnership Group.

To date we have made a significant difference to local patients quality and experience of care who can now receive their diagnosis, treatment and after care in the community rather than in a large city hospital.

This means the care is brought closer to people's homes and they have more choice about where they are cared for

Alliance Leadership

  • Professor Azhar Farooqi

    Chair of the Alliance Leadership Board

  • Eric Charlesworth

    Co-Chair of the Alliance Patient and Public Participation Group

  • Helen Mather

    Interim Director of Alliance Partnership

    Leicester, Leicestershire & Rutland

  • Karen English

    Managing Director East

    Leicestershire & Rutland Clinical Commissioning Group

  • Carolyn Fox

    Chief Nurse

  • Anne Senior

    Head of Commercial Development at Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust

  • Professor Rish Prasad

    GP LLR PCL Director LCCCG

  • Dr Gareth Chidlow

    GP & Lead for the Alliance Leicester, Leicestershire & Rutland provider company

  • Mark Wightman

    Director of Strategy and Communications UHL

  • Hilary Fox

    Locality Lead for Melton, Rutland & Harborough ELR CCG

  • Rachel Billsborough

    Director of Community Health Service for LPT

  • Geoff Hanlon

    GP Lead for WL CCG

  • Aruna Garcia

    GP West Leicestershire Federations & LLR PCL Director